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[ SEO optimization ]

SEO optimization

SEO optimization is a very powerful tool for website promotion. When used correctly, very good results can be achieved in a short period of time. If the site is optimized as much as possible, it will always be higher in search results than non-optimized resources. Website optimization is a set of actions on a website to increase a website's search engine visibility by internally optimizing a website's keywords to further monetize search engine traffic.

What is included in SEO site optimization?

Internal site optimization:

  • Complete SEO audit of the site.
  • Compilation/expansion of the semantic core.
  • Analysis of competitors.
  • Compilation of site map Sitemap.xml.
  • Adding a robots.txt technical file.
  • Writing meta tags.
  • Compilation of the technical task of the copywriter.
  • Placement of texts.
  • Optimization of URLs of all pages of the site.
  • Search and elimination of duplicates and errors.
  • Adjusting the site structure.
  • Analysis and correction of texts.
  • Connecting Google Analytics statistics.
  • Adding to Google Webmasters.

Analysis and adjustment of promotion strategy:

  • Usability analysis, correction of shortcomings.
  • Analysis of incoming traffic and sources.
  • Analysis of conversions.
  • Study of user behavior on the site.
  • Analysis of competitors.
  • Search and elimination of new complete and incomplete duplicates of site pages.
  • Improving the relevance of pages to search queries.
  • Monitoring and analysis of site page indexing.
  • Analysis and correction of the semantic core
  • Monitoring site errors in webmaster tools.
  • Analysis of site visibility in search engines.

External site optimization:

  • Site registration in Google Business, 2GIS services.
  • Analysis of current external links.
  • Construction of an extended semantic core.
  • Registration on the sites of catalogs of enterprises of the local city.
  • Registration only in white catalogs.
  • Registration in local directories.
  • Selection of sites for placement of eternal links to the site.
  • Compilation of the technical task and writing of unique articles.
  • PR articles from local media sites.
  • Placing articles and announcements of articles on third-party trust resources with a link to the site.
  • Posting records and comments on forums.
  • Increasing the mass of links exclusively by white methods.

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[ Frequently Asked Questions ]

What is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a set of measures to improve your site and better ranking in search engines.

How to get SEO support for the site?

If the site is developed on CMS, the initial scheme for SEO is established. If it needs to be expanded, you can always connect our SEO specialist.

What are the duties of an SEO specialist?

SEO specialists work on promoting your site in search engines. He monitors the ranking of resources. To do this, he conducts site audits, analyzes competitors and determines the budget for effective promotion.

What is the purpose of SEO?

The main goal of SEO promotion is to improve the site’s position on important key queries and increase the number of its visitors from search engines.

What about setting up SEO for a site?

Optimization components include:

  • customizing meta tags;
  • adding keywords;
  • connection to various Google services.

For more information, please contact us to clarify all the possibilities of providing SEO services.

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