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Chat Bots

Technologies: JavaScript, Node JS

A chatbot is specialized software designed to simulate a live conversation with a person in a fully automatic mode. Such programs to a certain extent repeat human intelligence and are able to take over the routine work of company managers. For example, you can create a chatbot that will send potential customers of an online store information about product updates and promotional products.

Chat Bots

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#1 Testing

Testing is the final stage before project release. It includes various types of checks for errors, malfunctions and earning capacity. Errors that are detected are eliminated completely. After the release of the project, final testing is also carried out to check the functionality. Quality is one of our values.


#2 Release

After handing over the finished project to the customer, specialists conduct training on working with the site. This will help the client to independently update information on the resource, collect analytics, make certain changes and act at his discretion. If the client wants, he can continue working with the developer, because any resource needs further development, support and promotion. In fact, a lot depends on the type of site. For example, a business card site after completion of development and placement on hosting does not need special attention or regular updating of information. While an online store must be constantly updated and maintain positions in search engines.


#3 Idea

Where does work on the site begin? First you need to understand what is his purpose of creation. Of this will depend on the type of resource, the portrait of the target audience and the main requirements. A clear understanding of the goal and the final result will help to create a chain of the project structure and form which stages of the site creation are sufficient to achieve the goal. Active participation in negotiations will help to develop a concept, formulate main goals and choose tools to achieve them. Only after achieving understanding and defining the main benefits can you proceed to the next stage.


#4 Design

At this stage, a model is creating, which will transform ideas into a real object. We are not talking about developing a complete web tool out of the box, but you can take a look at it and evaluate the benefits. For this team of designers works on several sketch options, based on the technical task. Most people by mistake believe that this clause concerns only the external design of pages. In fact, specialists pay the greatest attention to the correct location of elements, taking into account the rules of usability and other technical features. Considering all these stages of site creation, it is possible to ensure fast and stable operation of the resource. After the preparation of prototypes and layouts, they are conformed with the customer. If necessary, make changes until the project is finally accepted.


#5 Dev

The next step is the technical component. This process involves merging the design with the engine, which turns the site into a tool with working functions. For this, specialists use knowledge of the basics of HTML, connect CSS styles, and then connect to the CMS. It should be noted that not all sites are created on the basis of CMS. For example, simple one-page resources can function without a content management system. Next, the sequence of creating a website involves the provision of programming services. The specialist must "revive" the site and fill it with the necessary functionality. In most cases, programming is done on the basis of a CMS, for example, on WordPress or the Tilda service, but in others it is necessary to write code from scratch. For example, in order to develop a unique functional unit, etc.


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