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[ SMM ]


As we said earlier, social networks are a significant part of the success of your website.When you provide your social media in a good way, it will •Boost your productivity •Grow your reach and engagements •Scale your social media marketing

Our specialist will:

  • Analyze the market, competitors, and target audience
  • Based on the preceding will create a promotion strategy
  • Write a content plan for stories/posts
  • Prepare the materials for daily posting
  • Provide regular content filling and updating
  • Communicate and interact with the audience
  • Write different types of texts ( selling, engaging, informative), articles for blogs
  • Constant management and tracking of the pages on social networks ( Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin)
  • If the business requires organization and implementation of advertising campaigns in social networks.

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[ Frequently Asked Questions ]

What is SMM in your own words?

SMM (Social Media Marketing) is a type of Internet marketing that is used in social networks to promote a brand, increase traffic, attract new customers and increase sales.

How to understand what SMM is needed for?
  1. Most of the SMM services are promoted by companies that operate in the e-commerce industry.
  2. The most popular services are the creation of the successful purchase of advertising in social media.
How many are the services of a SMM specialist?

Price to deposit depending on the type of site (internet store, business card site, catalog site), number of connected social services, You can always write to us or call us for clarification

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